3D Systems Acquires Volumetric: pH Partners served as the Exclusive Sell-Side Advisor to Volumetric

Oct 27, 2021 | Press Release

Houston, TX, October 27, 2021 โ€“ pH Partners, LLC, a boutique healthcare investment bank is pleased to announce that its client, Volumetric Biotechnologies Inc., a 3D tissue printing technology founded by Drs. Jordan Miller and Bagrat Grigoryan, has been acquired by 3D Systems. 3D Systems, led the translation of 3D printing into commercial manufacturing and is the leading additive manufacturer across a range of advanced applications in healthcare and industry.

Volumetric, a Houston-based biotech company has developed a 3D bioprinting platform that create biomaterials with living cells for applications in human organ replacement. The platform produces stereolithographic bio-printers and an assortment of bio-inks to produce vascularized tissues and organs hundreds of times faster than other bioprinting technologies.

Ben Perkins, Managing Director of pH Partners, stated, โ€This acquisition aligns the market leader in 3D manufacturing with Volumetric, the most innovative company in bioprinting. We believe the real winners today are patients who may finally have a scalable solution to the chronic shortage of organs for transplantation.โ€

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pH transaction lead:
Benjamin Perkins
Managing Partner

Erik Halvorsen, Ph. D